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Paper Cups International Ltd.
established in 2008 as a factory specializing in the production of paper cups and advanced packaging solutions for the catering and food industries.

We manufacture our various products in our state of the art facility in Haifa, Israel.

We operate with an innovative approach and constantly cares for finding unique and quality solutions for its customers through new products, advanced raw materials and advanced production technology in its plants.

We develop products for the food industry that combine various raw materials using technology that allows the separation of waste for recycling.

We addresses a broad spectrum of customers and enables the manufacture of paper cups and branded packages, giving its customers a marketing advantage.

We enables its customers to design their product according to the specific purpose it is designed for.

We manufacture and markets a wide range of products according to the following:

Paper cups and covers of different sizes 100 ml, 180 ml, 250 ml and 330 ml, Emborsing Cups with Bubbles or Lines

Paper boxes that combine consumables for various Take Away food products for Sushi, Noodels, Salad, Hamburgers, French Fries, Rice.

Paper boxes for shipments of different sizes according to customer's requirements.

Paper Cups specializes in providing unique and innovative solutions to its customers, with an emphasis on environmental protection, high level of service and quality products.

We use the latest printing technologies for our paper cups and boxes.

We work under all the regulations and work under very strict QA checks.

We offer a fast service and a personal touch.

Contact us: 072-3902044

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